About this blog

It was hard for me to decide to open this blog. It will contain my thoughts, my feelings and our DD experience. I welcome all friendly people who want to make friend, or to exchange DD experience. If you feel negative about anything in my blog, or about our life-style, just simply go away. Thank you for visiting and thank you more for commenting.

Monday, October 18, 2010

2 nights without him

There are nothing "hot" these days (included my bottom...sigh...). We've just did a traditional activities to pray for my baby on her birthday (in Lunar Calendar) and gonna throw a party on her birthday next weekl(in Christ Calendar - don't know how to call our normal calendar ). Around 70 people will join the party, include families, close-friends, and my husband's co-workers. Hope it won't rain that day, so that everyone can come :-)
My husband is out of town for 3 days (2 nights), and I hate sleeping without him, not even 1 night ! He's just gone today and I'm missing him already, sigh...
I hope when he come back, my monthly-period has gone and we can have some fun. I also hope that I will behave these 3 days :-) so that the fun won't begin with a painful session lol

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a quick post

Hi there,
There are not much spanking these days, just sometimes several playful spanks. We were a little busy these days, I was doing my project for the semester, and a lot of family members was sick, included my husband, my baby and I. We gonna have the 1st birthday for my baby in this month, and I'm looking forward to it.
BTW, I'm searching for tips to prevent coughing for my baby. She coughs so much and sometimes vomits because of coughing :-( I don't know how to help her :-( Anyone have any idea ?

Monday, October 4, 2010

So many spankings in a week

Yes, I got spanked AGAIN !
Yesterday I was playing game online :-) and somebody, and something in the game made me feel uncomfortable. I still had that feeling even hours after, didn't know why. My husband tried to get me out of the bad mood, but just after a few smacks, I said I've got enough and I was better. But I lied....
Later in the evening, he recognized that I still not being happy, he asked and I had to admit that I lied to him, that I still in bad mood. He took my hand and led me to the toilet (my baby was sleeping and we couldn't make much noise in our room ), he told me to pull my pants and panties down (always bare :( ), and started spanking hard right from the beginning. He rarely scolds me, but yesterday he did a bit, and it made me feel worse than the spanking itself. He spanked me so hard, and moved a little to my thigh, so HURT !
After the spanking, he rubbed my bottom, we lied together in bed, he hugged me and talked to me. He said : "From now on, I won't go easy for you, the spanking can only increase the severe, not decrease. You must take good care of yourself. Tommorrow I'll write a plan for you to exercise, to get healthier and sexier (!!!???!!!). I expect you to follow my plan, or you will have to work out with a swollen bottom, and if you continue neglect the exercises, your butts will get more and more swollen. I need you to improve your health, to help me, and to take care of our baby". Many feelings came to me, I feel so cared, so thankful to him, I almost cried... but I also feel so happy and satisfied
In the past, I could never imagine there would be a day when my husband is so active in DD, in making rules and giving me my sequences for breaking those rules. More than ever, I can feel the love of him to me, and I feel I'm becoming a little more submissive :-) but the brat still didn't leave me yet :-) maybe it will lead me in to many more troubles... but my bottom need  a break now ... I'll be good... at least several days lol

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things are more simple than I thought...

Yesterday I was struggle to decide how to get my need, without making my husband annoyed. I'm not the kind of submissive wife, who is easily ask for a spanking when she feels she need it. But I tried yesterday...
In the evening, my husband came home about 9:00 PM, helped me get our baby to sleep, took a shower, and asked me when I want to go to bed. I said I want to go to bed right away, and he surprised me so much when said "OK, I'll go with you" (normally he just let me go to bed alone and go play several games if it's not late). When we were talking in bed, I said to him "Today, I viewed some video about spankings on the internet, and I was uncomfortable with need from the afternoon, maybe I just want something....", then he asked me "are you wanting to be spanked?" ... and it took all my braveness to say "yes" !
So, he decide to give me what I owed him for this week right then (he had planned to do that Saturday, not Friday), it was 280 smacks with a hairbrush. We went to our toilet (closed door, to decrease the noise), although it's not very good place to do that, but we had no choice. He dropped my pants and panties, led me over his knee, and start spanking.
Last week, he felt sorry for me and spanked with very little force, so that didn't have much impression to me (until I bratted to him that he spanked too weak... and then I've got more than I ask for). So, yesterday, he use medium force right from the beginning, and it's really HURT with a hairbrush !!! He spanked rapidly 50 smacks each time, then break for a minute. He asked me to count and it's so hard to count exactly and not too loud while your bottom is being spanked HARD ! When he finished, my bottom was burned and throbbing, I was so relieved that the spanking ended although I was who asked for it lol
Then, we had really good time together until we were all tired and both went to sleep. I felt very happy, I told him, and he said he was too. So, I found out sometimes thinking much is not good, just say it, ofcourse in the right way and at the right time, I'll get what I need. But lucky me, my "debt" to him this week is rather small, or maybe I'll still need to think carefully before suggesting :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thinking carefully...

Oh yeah, I have the first comment on my blog ! Someone please pull me down, I'm still with the clouds :-p

While waiting for someone to help me back to the ground, I have something to think about. I had a long spanking last Saturday, and my bottom is just healed. Today, I was surfing the internet, and I visited FirmHandSpanking, I don't have that much money a month to buy their membership, so I just downloaded their free trailers. I just viewed the M/f spankings, and most of them are good (although they're trailers, so they're very very short). After I've seen all the trailers, I have a very big problem : I want to be spanked O.o I'm just thinking about "testing" my husband's authority, I know it's not good when I'm in a DD relationship and it's really not submissive, but I tend to do that everytime I feel I want a spanking. Sometimes I get what I need, but sometimes not. I'm afraid that doing so will cause opposite effect, and my husband will feel losing authority, and he may back off ... and another case, I may have "more than I ask for". I'm still thinking...

A new start

This is the second time I open a blog about our DD life, and I'm still a bit scared and worried when think about the last time I blog - when I got unwanted-comments criticize me about our DD life. But I have a strong need of expressing my thoughts, my feelings and I'm starving for communication. So, that's why I open this blog.
I'm not sure if I will write anything interesting to anyone on this blog. It's just gonna have some random thoughts and feelings of me, some thing happened in our DD life, and some rambling :-) But I really appreciate who take time to visit my blog, just make me feel that there are people around me, who may have the same life-style or same interest.
About me, I'm very young, I'm married and have a little baby. I first shared about my interest of spanking to my husband near 2 years ago. And it took us a lot of times, communication, tries and failure to find our suitable way to do DD. It may not really the same as the DD-life-style that I've read on the internet or the style that I was dreaming of, but it works fine for us at the moment, and I'm feeling so content.
As I said, I'm not sure I will write anything interesting here, or I'm not sure I'll write regularly either... I can't know when I will have something that I want to share. But I'm sure that I'll answer to every friendly comment here, and I'm sure that I really love to make friends that have the same interest.
Thank you, anyone who is reading this :-)
Hope I will soon have things to write :-)